IT Search

Our consultants combine knowledge, experience and solution oriented services to get you the best IT talent. We have successfully executed span of full range of experience levels and positions within an organization varying from software engineers to Project Managers. The Technology areas that we have conducted searches for include practically all major skill sets including Emerging Technologies.

Programming languages (Java, C/C++) and open-source technologies (Linux, Oracle), Architectures vision, Design and software quality

WFM, DWBI, UI Developers, Java, SAP ABAP, Dot net, MCAD, Azure, Silver light, OBIEE, SAP ABAP, Focus and MIS apart from their IB and F&A processes.

Oracle fn, DBA, UNIX, Java, Commvault, RIM (Remote Infrastructure Mgmt), Networking, Eagle, Findur, Vermillion, Groundworks, AS 400 & Insurance.

WFM, DWBI, UI Developers, Java, SAP ABAP, Dotnet, MCAD, Azure, Silverlight, Front End Developer,Back End Developer

“ If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure” – Bill Gates.